Are Shiny, Metallic or Tactile Company Cards the New Standard?

Moo just announced a brand-new line of glossy, tactile business cards. These design components have the potential to make your business cards stick out from the sea of plain, matte cards that your clients and contacts have actually most likely gathered over the years.

Moo isn’t the very first company to offer these unique design elements for custom pvc cards. Vistaprint, Zazzle and more likewise provide options for developing your own glossy or metal company cards.

With many different options out there, it appears that these updated cards are beginning to become the standard for companies. Cards without metallic or tactile components may quickly even begin looking a bit old-fashioned.

The options for integrating these components into company cards are essentially limitless. You can pick designs with metallic text, metallic backgrounds, dots, stripes, stars, patterns and more. You can even buy business cards with gold edges making them stick out when they’re stacked with a lot of other cards.

They’re not even necessarily costlier than other, more conventional company card designs. The majority of the choices on Zazzle, for example, range from about $22 to $33 for a pack of 100, though they have some alternatives offered in smaller quantities if you just wish to attempt them out. Cards without foil or metallic components typically fall at the less expensive end of that spectrum, however aren’t really more affordable.

They might not work for every business. If yours falls into a more standard industry or your branding just doesn’t lend itself to shiny design aspects, then they most likely aren’t for you. But if you want people to see your company as modern, amazing, and on top of existing patterns, glossy or tactile company cards may assist you attain that.
In addition, if your business sells paper products like company cards, this may be a pattern worth keeping in mind when developing brand-new product lines.

Overall, these glossy and metal elements can truly draw people s focus on your business cards. As long as they look expert and fit with your branding, they can be a genuine asset to your business. And soon, they might even be so common that clients anticipate them from you.